About CPAF


Canadian Public Arts Funders (CPAF) is a network that unites and serves the federal, provincial and territorial arts councils and equivalent public arts funders. There is a CPAF member organization in each province and territory in Canada, and the member at the federal level is the Canada Council for the Arts.

The core membership is composed of Chairs and Executive Directors, or their designated representative, at each member organization. Other individuals participate in CPAF events and services by invitation. For more information on our member organizations, please consult the members section of this website.

Mission and Objectives

The mission of CPAF is to foster and support the arts in Canada through cooperation and collaboration of the federal, provincial and territorial arts councils and equivalent public arts funders by:

  • increasing networking and partnership opportunities,
  • sharing information and best practices,
  • commissioning research,
  • improving communications and processes,
  • improving internal competencies through professional development opportunities, and
  • promoting the value of the arts and public funding of the arts to the benefit of the members, the arts community and the general public.


The CPAF network is assisted by a Secretariat that helps CPAF effectively advance issues of shared concern. The Secretariat offers services of coordination, information, communications and professional development tools, sharing of resources and follow-up on themes of mutual interest to the members. The Secretariat is housed at the Canada Council.

Important Notices

Date Modified: 2011-03-07